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About Our International Labels



KALIYANA brings you the world! Unconventional German and Japanese designs that introduce new textures, shapes and fabrics. Carefully curated by our designer to compliment our collection.

Elemente Clemente is free from short-term fashion trends and offers nuances of timeless freshness.This label is all about the modern look and casual elegance, focusing mainly on attention to detail, style, comfort, and the quality of the fabrics.

Moyuru is a Japanese clothing company with a focus on comfort. They produce a line of comfortable-to-wear clothing with a design approach of free expression and originality. Their designs are both simple and dynamic with unique and surprising cuts.

More than a brand, Heel Athens Lab proposes an alternative production model based on teamwork, parity, and fair work terms. Designed in Greece, they are in constant search of ideas and ways of recycling all our materials and fabrics, contributing to sustainable development.

Alembika designs and manufactures exclusive, high fashion Israeli clothing offering a selection for all sizes to all shapes. They believe that women’s fashion should make you feel comfortable with your body, not the body you’re working on, fantasizing about, or wish to have but the one you have right now.