About Us



KALIYANA is unique designs for the modern woman. Clothes, shoes and accessories like nowhere else.

Contemporary and avant-garde designs created by a Canadian designer. Creative, original, fashion-forward pieces that fit women of all sizes, from size 6 to 22. Flattering for any body shape.

Unconventional yet practical and easy to wear, KALIYANA offers an alternative to most fashion out there. For women bored with looking like everybody else! And for those bored with what they have been wearing for the last 20 years! Transform yourself!

Simple and timeless style inspired by unique cuts, textures, fabrics, colours and prints. Unstructured shapes with lots of pockets, asymmetric lines, layers and always comfort. Made of natural fibers such as linen, cotton, viscose, silk and wool.

For the total look, KALIYANA presents the most interesting styles in contemporary footwear — ARCHE from France, TRIPPEN from Germany and CHIE MIHARA from Spain. An eclectic selection of fantastic and unique accessories imported from Italy, France and Germany as well as Canadian-made jewellery.

An innovative clothing concept intended for those open-minded and savvy enough to want something different.