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What some customers have said about Kaliyana...

I saw your ad in a flight magazine, made it a point to make a shopping trip to your store in Toronto. I have to say I've love every piece that I've purchased. Trying on items in the store helped me have the confidence to buy outfits online. I've had many compliments, the best from my daughters. Keep up with the great designs and patterns!

-- Sandra, Arizona, USA

I am a woman of short stature who loves wearing Kaliyana clothes. I encourage women of all shapes and height to try them. They are very liberating and creative.

-- Joy, Toronto, ON

Stylish, unique, elegant, and timeless. Those are the words that best describe why I have kept coming back to Kaliyana for over 20 years. I first ‘discovered’ Kaliyana on Elgin Street in Ottawa – a small, trendy and intimate store that fed my hunger for something different. In fact, over the years, I have followed the store and the staff to their current flagship location on Sussex Drive in Ottawa as well as their Yonge Street store in Toronto where I now live. I have never been disappointed.

Each year I find that special garment that I can mix with pieces I already own – or that stands alone for a very special personal statement. I feel wonderful in each and every piece – even years later when my ‘older’ pieces still stand the test of time, particularly as I have watched my body shift from relatively slim to a slightly more mature figure. The clothes continue to look great and I love that I can bring friends of all ages and sizes to the shop – there’s something for everyone.

The staff including the owner Jana, have always been so friendly and supportive in helping me select just the perfect piece that suits my personality and looks great. Best of all, I constantly get complements from both men and women on my Kaliyana wardrobe. What more could I ask for?

-- Shirley, Toronto, ON

The first time I walked into the Kaliyana store on Sussex, I only knew that I wanted a dress - something different, something funky - that I could wear to a friend's wedding.

The staff were unbelievably helpful, friendly and basically made me feel as though I had my own personal shopping assistants. The clothing there is totally unique, from cut to flowing form to color combinations.

I walked out of there with a huge smile on my face and a beautiful dress, a skirt to layer underneath and a wonderful necklace. Exactly the kind of outfit I was looking for. I got a bunch of compliments on my outfit at the wedding - some from perfect strangers. Who knew you could look like a trendsetter and still feel comfortable! ;-)

I was totally thrilled with both Kaliyana's service and clothing. I've been back several times since and plan to continue adding to my Kaliyana collection.

While the prices are not cheap, neither is the clothing. It's made with extreme attention to detail and designs you won't see elsewhere. These are keeper pieces, and the prices seem quite reasonable for something you'll wear for years to come.

Go. You won't be disappointed.

-- Hilary, Ottawa, ON

I just wanted to tell you how much my sister and I love your clothing. Even though we are very different shapes (5' vs 5'7") we both look good in your designs. We have each been "building" a Kaliyana wardrobe over the years, and because the pieces are so well made, and most are made with natural fibres, they always look fresh, chic and totally original. This summer, I could not have survived the heat without my beloved Manifold Dress. When it's 30 degrees it's the only thing I can wear comfortably, and I can cycle to work in it too! I get so many compliments on that dress (from women... men don't understand it - they think it's "too loose") . I tell everyone that I bought it from my favourite designer! With thanks, and I hope you keep it up!

-- Lise

I purchased my Kaliyana suit in the Toronto store last summer when visiting from Vancouver. Being a customer since the mid 90's, I've bought many pieces over the years and still wear most of them as they never go out of style. The "suit" was a great opportunity to pick up three more pieces at half the regular price. And I want to tell you that even though you tell customers to hand wash, I have never had a problem with washing them in my front-loader washing machine on delicate cycle. Knowing this could save your others from having to wash by hand. Just a suggestion, but I will always be a fan of Kaliyana.

-- Barbara, Victoria, B.C.

I am a woman of a certain age, and I despaired of ever finding stylish clothes that wouldn't make me look matronly, dowdy or just plain fat. So when I saw your anti suit advertised in the Globe and Mail I ordered it immediately. Not only is it fabulously comfortable, but it packs like a dream; and is so versatile. I wear it for work, travel, and date nights. I wear the pieces seperately and together. But when a customer at a trendy boutique complimented it, I really knew I had found the right outfit. Thank you for providing me and women like me such a great wardrobe all in one suit.

-- Kim, Regina, SK

I ordered the Anti-Suit after seeing your advertisement in the Globe and Mail. It arrived just in time for the convention I wanted to wear it to. When I first took it out of the box, I thought this is really too casual for business meetings considering the jacket and pants are made of a cotton knit similar to T-shirt material. But once I ironed it and put it on, I loved it. It is actually quite dressy but with that flair of not trying too hard and not looking stuffy or uptight. I have since worn the pants with many different tops and they are now my favourite pants of all times. So comfortable and so flattering because they are loose and flowy and I feel quite artsy in them. Thank you for this great introduction to Kaliyana, I have my eye on several other items on your website and will be ordering them soon.

-- Carol, Halifax, N.S.

Just got my suit in the mail, and really excited to wear it on my trip!

-- Naoko, Boston, MA

I have to tell you that I ordered the suit with a bit of skepticism in mind. Being a size 6 and only 5'3 I was worried that it will be too much fabric on me because it looked quite unstructured on your website. When I received it and tried it, the pants were too long, so I rolled them over at the waist and wore it the next day to the office. I got so many compliments from my colleagues who were used to seeing me always dressed pretty conservatively that I decided this is my "liberation suit" ... I feel like a new woman. I had the pants hemmed up and now it's perfect. Thank you.

-- Judith, Montreal, QC

I never thought that I could go away for a week let alone two days with 3 basic pieces and a couple of camisoles and have room to spare in my carry on! Thank you for such a versatile, comfortable and smart suit!

-- Susan, Ottawa, ON

Here is a bit of advice for your online customers. your helpful staff in the Ottawa store showed me how to style the sleeves and I found that really important, it made the outfit look so much better. Maybe you could have a video on your website to show people how to push up the jacket sleeves and then roll up the shirt cuffs. I am glad I bought the suit in your store and got helpful pointers from the staff.

-- Ellen, Brockville, ON

I love my Kaliyana Anti-Suit! The lines are fluid, elegant and feminine - with style details that set it apart from the standard suit. It's versatile and adaptable and can be transformed into different outfits and looks to suit a variety of occasions. It's so comfortable and doesn't feel like a suit - not binding but allows freedom of movement. It's fuss-free - the pants stay put and the shirt doesn't need constant re-tucking. I can put it on and then forget about it. The style is timeless - I know I'll enjoy wearing it for many years.

-- Jeanne, Ottawa, ON

Love the suit! The shirt is definitely the best part. Very cool.

-- Renee, Vancouver, BC

Wow, I just placed my order and I got it already! Great customer service! I can't wait to wear my Antisuit to work!

-- Karen, Vancouver, BC

The beauty of the anti-suit is its black-and-write professional look made comfortable with its unstructured jersey knit ease. Kaliyana's stylish design features its unique details and its flattering cut. Add a tie, a scarf, a belt, an obi sash or remove the jacket and add a camisole, you change the look to appear fresh for each event. No matter who wears the anti-suit, the style plays up your individual look so that it's not wearing you, you're wearing it!

-- Cindy, Regina, SK

About the Kaliyana Surprise Box...

J'ai reçu ma "surprise box" aujourd'hui. Je suis très contente de mes nouveaux vêtements. À refaire c'est certain. Je me sentais comme un enfant qui déballe ses cadeaux de Noël!

-- Joanne, Montreal, QC

I received my surprise box last week. It was so much fun unpacking all of the pieces! I was delighted with my selection. Everything fits and I have already worn two pieces to work. I'm looking forward to wearing the rest in the weeks and months to come!

-- Clare, Toronto, ON

Received my surprise gift box in the mail today and absolutely LOVED everything in there. I'm sure it took hard work to seamlessly execute. Job well done!!! can't wait for more surprises.

-- Bev, New Jersey, USA

Got my box today! Yay! Only 3 pieces didn't fit or suit. I'm totally in love with 6 and look forward to playing with the rest to make them my own. Every year I keep thinking I'll reduce the amount of black in my closet... but it won't be this year.

-- Dominique, St. John's, NL

Un mot pour décrire la boîte surprise. Wow! Presque tout fait mon affaire. Des choses que je n'aurais pas achetées, mais à ce prix... on le prend. J'attends la boîte du printemps!

-- Anne-Marie, Cantley, QC

So excited to receive my surprise box! I figured that if even only three pieces worked for me, it was worth it. Five are good for sure, with another four that I can probably make work if I think about it and the rest aren't for me but I'm happy to pass them on as donations. Most of the colours were dark (black, green, purple) - with one awesome black shirt that I love! Overall, I'd buy it again if the opportunity came up and it was a summer theme.

-- Lisa, Toronto, ON

Received my Surprise box today... it was like an early Christmas... only one dress didn't fit... which was a surprise because small or extra small is always my size... thank you for organizing this... look forward to more!!!

-- Stella, Richmond, BC