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Kaliyana Surprise Box in 2018 Limited Edition
Kaliyana Surprise Box in 2018 Limited Edition

Kaliyana Surprise Box

in 2018 Limited Edition

  • Please allow 15 - 20 business days for delivery. On orders of more than one box, you will be invoiced separately for extra shipping charges.

    Final Sale, No Exchanges and No Refunds. All items sold As Is.


    1. Determine which size below corresponds best to your relevant body measurements.

    2. Each item has a lettered size (e.g. LL) with a numbered size range (e.g. LL -- fits sizes 18 - 22) -- choose the lettered size that your numbered size falls into (e.g. if you correspond to a size 20, in this case, you will be a size LL).

    3. Size ranges differ to accomodate the item's particular fit -- an M/L in one item can range from sizes 10 - 16, but another item might have an M/L that fits sizes 8 - 14. Take care to always check for proper fit!

    *measurements are given in inches
    **models are 5'4"-5'6" in height, size 6

  • Please note that we have a FINAL SALE policy of No Refunds and No Exchanges on all our items. If you have any questions or concerns about style or fit, please contact us before placing an order and we will be happy to help you.

    In the unlikely event that you receive an item with a manufacturing defect, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly work to resolve this issue.

    Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Online Sale for more information.


Please note that at this time, we are only releasing a very limited quantity of Surprise Boxes. Once sold out, depending on demand, we may consider doing another release down the road. So if you want to be the first one to know when that happens, make sure you put your name on our Surprise Box Mailing List.


The Kaliyana Surprise Box is a grab bag of 8 pieces for only $289 (approx. retail value $1300.00 CAD). It is an eclectic variety of our older styles from previous collections, similar to what you can find on our sales racks and in our outlet stores. However, these pieces are still unique and timeless, but do not really resemble what you are used to from our regular Kaliyana collections from our stores.

The box will contain a variety of separates. You will get some solid colours and prints, and even though the pieces will not necessarily result in matching outfits, you are bound to figure out some good pairings (and even more, once you start mixing and matching with your own wardrobe).

Another thing to keep in mind: the fabrics are primarily linen blends, rayons, and cottons -- all natural fibers. Many of them are lightweight, so try layering them for a great year round look.

To give you an idea what some of the styles in your box may be similar to:

If you love getting surprises, this is one that will probably stimulate your imagination for a long time to come!


Things To Do With 8 Kaliyana Pieces

  1. If you fall in love with only 3 pieces out of 8, it'll still be a huge saving. 

  2. Holidays? Birthdays? You'll have a gift ready for any occasion.

  3. Order 3-4 boxes and open your own little Kaliyana pop-up shop in your living room! Invite your friends, have some fun, and make a few bucks on the side...

  4. We're okay with you reselling it: consignment stores, Etsy, Kijiji... it's all good.

  5. Throw away your old boring wardrobe and start building a new eclectic one.


Customer Reviews

These reviews are based on the last edition of the box.

So excited to receive my surprise box! I figured that if even only three pieces worked for me, it was worth it. Five are good for sure, with another four that I can probably make work if I think about it and the rest aren't for me but I'm happy to pass them on as donations. Most of the colours were dark (black, green, purple) - with one awesome black shirt that I love! Overall, I'd buy it again if the opportunity came up and it was a summer theme.

-- Lisa, Toronto, ON

I received my surprise box last week. It was so much fun unpacking all of the pieces! I was delighted with my selection. Everything fits and I have already worn two pieces to work. I'm looking forward to wearing the rest in the weeks and months to come!

-- Clare, Toronto, ON

Received my surprise gift box in the mail today and absolutely LOVED everything in there. I'm sure it took hard work to seamlessly execute. Job well done!!! can't wait for more surprises.

-- Bev, New Jersey, USA

Got my box today! Yay! Only 3 pieces didn't fit or suit. I'm totally in love with 6 and look forward to playing with the rest to make them my own. Every year I keep thinking I'll reduce the amount of black in my closet... but it won't be this year.

-- Dominique, St. John's, NL

Un mot pour décrire la boîte surprise. Wow! Presque tout fait mon affaire. Des choses que je n'aurais pas achetées, mais à ce prix... on le prend. J'attends la boîte du printemps!

-- Anne-Marie, Cantley, QC

Received my Surprise box today... it was like an early Christmas... only one dress didn't fit... which was a surprise because small or extra small is always my size... thank you for organizing this... look forward to more!!!

-- Stella, Richmond, BC

J'ai reçu ma "surprise box" aujourd'hui. Je suis très contente de mes nouveaux vêtements. À refaire c'est certain. Je me sentais comme un enfant qui déballe ses cadeaux de Noël!

-- Joanne, Montreal, QC


1. Will the box be available in LL/XL?
Sorry, we are unable to offer larger sizes at this time because we do not have the excess stock. (But sign up for our mailing list because these sizes may become available in the future!)

2. Can I choose my pieces? (colours, prints, styles, etc)
Because of the incredible deal we're offering on the price, we cannot accommodate any special requests.

3. Will all my pieces match?
This is a grab bag concept, so we cannot guarantee that all the pieces will match. But there will be a mix of both prints and solid colours, which can offer a great deal of mix-and-match possibilities.

4. What kind of garments can I expect to get? Could I possibly end up with a box of only pants?
Each box will have a mix of separates. While we cannot guarantee the variety, we will do our best to have a balance of garment styles.

5. I just bought a dress at full price in one of your stores -- will I find anything like that in my box?
No, the garments in the surprise box are styles that are similar to what you may find in our outlet stores. Please note that the latest styles do not go on sale until many years later. Whatever you find in your box will be from much older collections.

6. What will be the shipping costs?
Due to the very low price of this package, there will be a flat rate per box:

- Canada: $29 per box
- USA: $69 per box

Please note we only ship within the continental US and Canada. On orders of more than one box, you will be invoiced separately for extra shipping charges.

7. How long will it take for me to get my Surprise Box?
Please allow 15 - 20 business days for delivery.

8. Any chance I can exchange a piece if I don't like a print/colour, or it doesn't fit me the way I like?
Sorry, all pieces are Final Sale with no exceptions.